Conlangery #111: Interview with JS Bangs

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Today we have a long talk with author and conlanger JS Bangs about conlanging, worldbuilding, and writing. Top of the Show Greeting: Praseo Links and Resources: JS Bangs’s conlang site Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS

Conlangery #50: The Technology of Literacy

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In today’s bonus-size episode we have Carsten Becker on to join in a great discussion on the technologies of writing:  implements, media, formats, and even literacy itself.  Then we have an invigorating discussion with Larry Sulky about his “artlangy-engelang” Qakwan, among other things. Top of Show Greeting: Treyll Links and Resources: Palm Leaves as a… Read more »

Conlangery #05: Scripts and Writing

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We’re back to talk about scripts: what kind of script to use, how con-history fits into it, tips for developing a realistic script, etc.  Then we talk about a language that, while not having a unique writing system per se, has incorporated existing systems in an interesting way. Featured Conlang: Rangyayo (see here, here and… Read more »