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We talk at length about linguistic typology and all the weird and wonderful tendencies that human languages seem to have.  We also talk a little on Láadan, the language for women that our own token woman isn’t too fond of (philosophy-wise, anyway).


Featured Conlang: Láadan


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We’re back to talk about scripts: what kind of script to use, how con-history fits into it, tips for developing a realistic script, etc.  Then we talk about a language that, while not having a unique writing system per se, has incorporated existing systems in an interesting way.

Featured Conlang: Rangyayo (see here, here and here)

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It’s just George and Bianca this week, as Will ended up dealing with the spontaneous combustion of a server.  We do our best to stumble through some some recommendations for new conlangers and later take a look at an interesting little Germanic conlang.


Featured Conlang: Jameld

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I have created a form for people to make suggestions about main topics as well as featured conlangs for the show.  Just click on the “suggestions” tab above.  Make sure you leave a good description of topics and include links for any featured conlangs, so that we know what you are talking about.

Also, I have set up a Google Voice for people to call in with voicemails.  The number is (304) 873-6281 and is a local call in West Union, WV (USA).  Please keep voicemails to one minute or less.  You can send in a recording of yourself to our email:

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George finally gets Bianca’s last name right (it’s [mæŋgəm]) and we talk a little about people mispronouncing our names.  Then we get into what makes a language good or bad, and don’t come to much of a good conclusion other than the old “eye of the beholder.”  Then after Bianca leaves Will and George are left to sputter about the enigmatic Ithkuil — Well, George sputters, and Will is a little more lucid.


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Tomás insults George’s Spanish, then we get into a discussion about why we conlang and just how personal the hobby is.  Then, we talk a little about measure words and genders, and about our Conlang of the Week: Feayran — The language of a race of shapeshifters created by David Edwards.


Wikipedia on measure words