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Today we talk to you all about vowel harmony, taking Turkish, Finnish, Moro, and Mongolian as case studies to help you figure out the intricacies of what choices you need to make in vowel harmony systems and how you can introduce interesting

Top of Show Greeting: Maksinaunminverbe

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Special mention (from the outtakes): A giant freaking basket

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We didn’t get a full episode out this week, but George didn’t want to have a week with nothing at all, so he “reads”* the date in Tagalog, then goes on a ramble about loanwords a bit.

Top of Show Greeting: Lingwa de Planeta

Text of that date and time expression, for the curious:

Ika-4 ng Nobiembre, 2012, alas 4:30 ng hapon.

(all words): Ika-apat ng Nobiembre, twenty-twelve, alas kuwatro y medya ng hapon.

*(It was actually produced on the fly, hence the disfluency.)

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Today we eventually get to talking about Khangaþyagon, and get a lot of interesting stuff out of it.  Also, George forgets a notable conlanger who has been featured before on the show.  *headdesk*

Top of Show Greeting: Shokitin

Featured Conlang: Khangaþyagon

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Today, we all talk about the wonderful nuclear-fricitiveness of Ogami, a real life natural language in the Ryukyuan family.  It’s got lots of little bits to inspire you in your conlangs.  Enjoy!

Top of Show Greeting: Mandarin Chinese (translation help and recording by Starrie Li (李昕))

Featured NATLANG: Ogami

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Kickstarter I mentioned at the top of the show.

Today, we finally get to talk about why David hates morphemes, among other things.

Top of Show Greeting: Tslure Thujekatsoth

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UPDATE: The Endangered Alphabets Kickstarter I mentioned at the top of the show and linked above has reached its goal.  I like to think some of you helped push it over the edge, and if so, thanks.  If you haven’t checked it out, yet, you can still donate until the 15th.

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This week we talk about one of the older languages in the conlang community, Arthaey’s Asha’ille.  And no, that spelling has nothing at all to do with the language’s phonology.  You’ll learn a bit about that in the episode.

Top of Show Greeting: Ostunese

Featured Conlang: Asha’ille

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We are super excited to reveal that our third host for (we hope) the duration of William’s absence will be none other than David J. Peterson!  Take a listen as we talk through the challenges of making an agglutinative language that isn’t depressingly boring.

Top of Show Greeting: Kihā́mmic


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Today we have a very enlightening discussion about conceptual metaphors and how thinking about them can help you avoid a relex as well as have loads of fun in usage and translation.  Also, this will be William’s last episode for a while 🙁

Top of Show Greeting: Arahau

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