Conlangery #16: Tense

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The first of our episodes of the holy verbal trinity of TAM.  We initially planned to do Tense and Aspect as one episode, but the more we talked about tense the more complicated it became, so the aspect discussion is pushed to next week.  We also have a wonderful time talking about the insanity that… Read more »

Conlangery #15: Getting out of Creative Ruts

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We throw out some tips for how to kick certain creative habits you might have developed as you create languages.  Then we review the Akana language Tmaśareʔ. Top of Show greeting: Myonian Links and Resources Spokan Hupa Featured Conlang: Tmaśareʔ Feedback: Okuno Zankoku (email) Since you always want to know, I’ve just started a sketch of an… Read more »

Conlangery #14: Verb Framing and Postural Verbs

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We give you some info on verb framing — that is the typology of how languages describe motion, as well as some discussion of postural verbs, aka positionals, and all the wondrous variety you can create with them.  Also, we review [k]enyani. Greeting: Gomain by Zach Hart Links and Resources: A run-down of all the posibilites for… Read more »

Conlangery #13: Profanity, Insults, and Taboo Words (NSFW)

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Alternate Titles: AND … tits, Bugger is for Sodomy, Dog Japan’d, When “Damn it” Just Won’t Cut it, What Did My 16th Great-Grandfather Do to You? Today we talk all about taboo words.  Make sure you have your headphones in or are by yourself when you listen, because we are going through the gamut of… Read more »

Conlangery #12: Personal Names

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We have no Will today, but we do have Adam Skoog from Sweden.  After a good discussion about personal names where I continually refer to Chinese naming conventions, we talk with Adam about his wonderful language Kozea and the kooky videos he has created with it. Classical Tailancan by Dewrad Links and Resources Chinese style… Read more »

Conlangery #11: Nonconfigurationality

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Today we talk about nonconfigurationality, that is what languages do with word order when it’s not needed to show semantic roles.  William regales us with tales of Navajo animacy-based word order, Nahuatl shifting its numerals around, and Ancient Greek’s confounding tendency to separate adjectives from their noun phrases.  Also, we talk about Ayeri, a wonderfully… Read more »

3000 listens

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We just passed 3,000 total listens.  Thanks to everyone who is downloading the podcast or listening on the site.  We may not be one of the big boys in podcasting, but we have a strong, engaged audience.  I’m grateful for that.

Conlangery #10: Organization, Computers, and Conlanging

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We talk about how to organize your conlang, from organizing your notes to writing the grammar and lexicon, and what software is out there to help you.  Also, some stupid example sentences, and a little old language called Alurhsa. Pre-show intro: Ancaron language by ZBB’s Lyhoko Leaci. Resources and Links: LaTeX The Field Linguist’s Toolbox The… Read more »

Conlangery #09: Formality and Register

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Listen to David Peterson talk to Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont on Sword and Laser #68: Ad-libbing in Dothraki We’re all about formality today, from the intricate politeness system of Korean to some crazy Nahuatl stuff to the subtle syntax of the English polite request.  We talk on just what kind of things languages do… Read more »

Conlangery #08: Kinship Terms

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We talk about kinship terminology: what kinds of kinship schemes exist in reality, how they are related to family structure and marriage customs, and where you can find resources to give you ideas about these concepts.  We also talk a little about Tepa (which I mispronounce a couple of times in the episode, it should… Read more »