Conlangery SHORTS #14: 吃酒喝面 Eating Wine and Drinking Noodles

ConlangeryShort14Today George brings on his fiancé Li Wang to talk about some interesting little lexical facts in Chinese that might be an inspiration.

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Conlangery #99: Nonconcatenative Morphology

Conlangery99We have some fun telling you about nonconcatenative mophology — that is morphology that doesn’t involve stringing things together. It’s not just Arabic, folks (though we do talk about that a bit).

Top of Show Greeting: Engeldish

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Conlangery SHORTS #13: Etymology Maps on Reddit

ConlangeryShort13In this episode, George points out a really interesting little subreddit that might provide some inspiration to conlangers.

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Conlangery #98: Menya (natlang)

Conlangery98We talk about a Papua New Guinea language called Menya. Follow along here.




Conlangery SPECIAL: Changing of the Guard at the LCS

specials-artGeorge recorded a special interview with David J Peterson and Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets to talk about some recent events at the Language Creation Society.





Conlangery #97: Interview with Britton Watkins

Conlangery 97Today we interview conlanger Britton Watkins about his journey from natlang enthusiasm through Vulcan and Na’vi fandom to creating a conlang for his and his husband’s ‘nano-budget’ movie.

Conlangery SHORTS #12: Verbs in Uskra

Bianca tells us a little about the verbal system of Uskra, one of her conlangs, and how she played with giving grammatical forms multiple uses.

Conlangery #96: Where did my Nominative go?

George and William have a discussion of those times when the subject isn’t in the case you might expect it to be in.

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Conlangery #95: Weird Ideas for Auxlangs

Today we talk about a bunch of wacky and wonderful auxlangs.

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Announcement: Apologies on Recent (and potentially continuing) Dissappearance

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